On the Wings of a Bird Called Intent – Biography of Silo – Progress Report

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The biography of Silo, tentatively titled On the Wings of a Bird Called Intent, is well underway (read a new sample chapter here – without footnotes, which are still in process). It’s pretty complete up to the 1980s, but the last 3 decades are still in process. If you knew and worked with Silo during that time and would like to share your experience, I’d love your input!

To jog the collective memory, I’ve made up a list of key moments between 1962 and 2010 (up to Silo’s passing, and continuing with examples of significant ongoing developments in epilog and appendix.) I’ve stretched these key moments over a framework of “rotas,” or “turns of the wheel” of 12-year cycles – differentiation, complementation, synthesis…

To check out this list, see below. If you have memories, information or experience you’d like to contribute, or any other key moments to add, especially for the period from 1980-2010, please email me at wingedlion@gmail.com. Anything welcome – written or audio, words or images!

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La biografía de Silo – tentativamente titulado “Sobre las alas de un pájaro llamado Intento” – está en marcha (se puede leer un capítulo nuevo – en inglés – aquí – sin notas a pie de página, todavía en proceso). Esta bastante completa hasta la década del 80, pero todavía estoy recogiendo información sobre las últimas 3 décadas (80-10). Si conociste a Silo durante ese periodo, y querías compartir tu experiencia, agradecería mucho tu aporte.

Para refrescar la memoria colectiva, he hecho una lista de algunos momentos claves, sobre un marco de “rotas” o ciclos de 12 años años (diferenciación, complementación, síntesis…), comenzando con las primeras reuniones en 1962. (Información sobre eventos importantes después del 16 de septiembre 2010 se incluirá en el epilogo y apéndice).

Se puede vera a continuación la lista de momentos claves (solamente en ingles por ahora). Si tienen recuerdos, información o experiencias que desean contribuir, o cualquier otro momento clave que añadir, especialmente para el período comprendido entre 1980-2010, por favor envíeme un email a wingedlion@gmail.com. Todo es  bienvenido – escrito, audio, palabras o imágenes.


On the Wings of a Bird Called Intent

The Life and Work of Silo, Sage of the Andes


KEY MOMENTS 1962-2015:


1962-1998 – 1st Great Cycle – The Movement

1962-1973 – 1st Rota – Differentiation – Training Individuals


First study groups – “the thing”; crypts, camps & bases


La Paz, first international mtg

Base 1, El Arenal


Lives at Hermitage Jan 1-May 4

Healing of Suffering

Talks in Chile

“Forbidden Talks” in Yala, Cordoba, Bs Aires


Young Power

Inner Religion


Talks and arrests in Cordoba, Mar del Plata

United Youth Front


1974-1985 – 2nd Rota – Complementation – Forming “Cadres”


Cordoba Center of Work, ending with arrests; attempted talk in Bs Aires, 500 arrested




Canaries I


Canaries II


The Inner Look; birth of Alejandro


Meaning of Life talk, Mexico City


Internal Landscape

Tokarev Report

Mission of the 80s – travels to Madrid, Barcelona, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Milan, Sri Lanka, Mumbai, Paris


Birth of Federico


On What is Human 


Launching of Humanist Party; No to Pinochet, HP in Chile


Greens, gathering in Rio


1986-1997 – Third Rota – Synthesis – Reaching the Masses


Religiosity in Today’s World


Humanize the Earth, Guided Experiences; First Humanist International – Florence

Travels to Madrid, Reykjavik, Zambia


Travels to Madrid, Mexico City


Contributions to Thought, Universal Root Myths;

Travels to Santiago de Chile, Mexico City


Moscow – Humanism & the Crisis of Civilization

Travels to Rio, Moscow, Madrid


Letters to My Friends, Day of the Winged Lion, Humanist Document

First Humanist Forum, Moscow; Honoris Causa

Travels to Madrid, Moscow


Santiago forum

Silo in Bogota

The Theme of God

Travels to Colombia


Dictionary of New Humanism, Silo Speaks 


Travels to Arica & Tacna, Chile; Haiti


1998-2034 – Second Great Cycle – A Mist Under the Door – Silo’s Message

1998-2010 – First Rota – Differentiation


Collected Works Vol. 1

Dinners with friends in different cities

Travels to Florence


30 Year Anniversary

Latin American Humanist regional

The Assembly

Silo leaves the Movement

Travels to Santiago de Chile


Silo’s Message, Collected Works Vol. 2


PdV Casita


Mass ceremonies

1st Celebration of the Message, PdV


Work with Fire

First regional ‘halls’

Inauguration of La Reja

Parque Chaco

Visits to salitas

Travels to Bomarzo, Toledo, Aranjuez


Psychology Notes

Quito forum

Inauguration of Manantiales

Travels to Quito, Lisbon, Attigliano


Days of Inspiration at PdV

La Paz forum

Disarmament spots


Silo & School at PdV

Silo’s Message 2nd Edition


Travels to Rome, Attigliano, Grotte, Torino, Manantiales


Commentaries on Silo’s Message

Messengers Manual, Book of the Community, HM Training Manual

The Four Disciplines; Energetic Discipline, Material Disc., Mental Disc., Formal Disc.

World March

Nobel Peace Prize Summit

Sage of the Andes

Travels to Manantiales, Toledo, Berlin


En que estamos

Message from ___ about ‘Our Friend’

Silo’s passing


2011-2022 2nd Rota – Complementation (Epilog & Appendix)


Parks continue multiplying around the world…


Silo’s Messengers meeting – PdV


Silo’s Messengers meeting – PdV


Silo’s Messengers meeting – PdV


Silo’s Messengers meeting – PdV


Silo’s Messengers meeting – PdV


About Trudi Lee Richards

Author, poet, Spanish-English translator; Activist and community builder. Member of the international Community of Silo's Message (www.silosmessage.net) and its Portland, Oregon and Red Bluff, California communities (www.RedBluffPark.org) Published work includes "On Wings of Intent, a biography of Silo," "Soft Brushes with Death, a Jorge Espinet Primer," "Fish Scribbles," and "Experiences on the Threshold - with Silo's Message." Also publisher and editor of "Human Future," an independent review published in San Francisco, California, from 1989 to 1996. Mother of five grown kids/stepkids and five step grandkids; Long ago graduate of Stanford University; Lives in Portland, Oregon.
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