Latest on the Biography of Silo

Dear friends – After working on my biography of Silo for the last 10 years, I’ve done something I should have done ages ago: I’ve hired myself.

I think I’ve chosen wisely. The hours are strict, Monday through Saturday, 9 to 3, in our lovely new Healdsburg, California office. No sick leave, no vacation, no insurance, no severance pay, no retirement, but a sympathetic boss.

I just have to be careful not to work too much overtime, which is a temptation because this is really a great job. But then other things fall by the wayside, like the house, the relationship, the children (long grown but still deserving of some attention).

Anyway, the book is coming along. It should be done in the not-too-distant future.

Warm regards,


About Trudi Lee Richards

Author, poet, Spanish-English translator; Activist, community builder; Member of the international Community of Silo's Message ( and its local Groveland and Red Bluff communities ( Mother of five grown kids/stepkids and five step grandkids Graduate of Stanford University Lives in Groveland, California
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