Silo Biography Ultimatum and Response

Our employer, the behemoth publishing enterprise Winged Lion Press Cooperative, has sent us – the Royal We and associates – an ultimatum:

Get this book OUT already, or else!

Scared witless, we have been racing against the clock, slaving over our hot pits of seething electronic impulses, endangering life and limb and sanity – but at long long last, dripping with sweat and tears, we are nearing the finish line, bearing aloft a gorgeous tome of over 450 pages, containing more than 90 photographs of Silo and his friends.

I will say no more about dates, having been warned never to promise anything until it is absolutely certain. Gods willing, however, it will be before the Boss’s 69th birthday, which, gods willing, that individual will live to see.

Stay tuned.

About Trudi Lee Richards

Author, poet, Spanish-English translator; Activist, community builder; Member of the international Community of Silo's Message ( and its local Groveland and Red Bluff communities ( Mother of five grown kids/stepkids and five step grandkids Graduate of Stanford University Lives in Groveland, California
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