Walt’s Miracle: On Wings of Intent is on Kindle!

After weeks of single-minded, brute-force doggedness, my hero, Walt, has at last unraveled all the preposterous, brain-numbing conundrums in Microsoft Word and achieved the impossible:  On Wings of Intent – a biography of Silo – is now available as a Kindle e-book.

The e-book is where it’s at. At $10 on Amazon, it’s half the price of the print version, and twice the quality, especially the photos, about 100 in all. If you read it on your computer you can see many of them in color.  And if you buy the print version of the book, you get the e-book for free (see “Matchbook Price”).


On Wings of Intent is a biography of Silo, Mario Luis Rodriguez Cobo, “Sage of the Andes.” Born in Argentina in 1938, Mario Rodriguez was a brilliant thinker, prolific…

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