Mission Statement – Misión

Winged Lion Press Cooperative is a vehicle and a gift Inspired by the life and work of Silo, Argentine author and spiritual guide. We welcome a broad spectrum of participants in all fields of creative and intellectual endeavor:

  • anyone who yearns to make contact with the Sacred and the Profound in daily life, in the arts, in dreams and meditation and visions;
  • anyone who wishes to contribute to the study, investigation and development of human knowledge beyond what is accepted by convention;
  • anyone who dreams of transforming this world nonviolently;
  • anyone who hopes for transcendence beyond death.

Publishing categories include Word (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenplays, and other creative works; testimonials of experience; and scholarly and investigative productions); Image (photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.); Multimedia (film and video, comics, etc.); and Sound (music, spoken word, etc.), in both print and electronic formats.

New posts will appear when inspiration or necessity strikes.

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