Patricia Rios

I asked Patricia if she had been at any of the meetings with Silo when he visited New York City in the 1980’s – her response is below – TLR

Oh, I didn’t have the luck of being invited to hang out with Negro either of the 2 times he came here while I was in NY  🙂

I do remember sitting with him at the dining table at the retreat and he was asking me about the different foods on the table for people to help themselves. He also did some somersaults out on the lawn and I mentioned to him I had noticed the very gentle and nice perfume he wore. I asked about his kid, Alejandro, who was a newborn. In other words I always spoke to him about very simple, worldly and day-to-day things, acknowledging he was a person first. Later on, in emails there was more of our themes, but always in a very personable way. I didn’t see Negro but a few times but they were all memorable.