Dario Ergas

Born in Santiago, Chile, in December 1952, Dario Ergas Benmayor is an engineer and the father of two sons.

He met Silo in 1978 in the Canary Islands during a conference Silo was giving on suffering, death and transcendence.

A collaborator in building the Humanist Movement in America and Europe, he participated in the founding of the Humanist Party in Chile in 1984 during the struggle against the military dictatorship, in the Humanist International in Florence in 1989, and in the formation of the Latin American Humanist Regional and the Latin American Humanist Forum during the first decade of the new millennium.

His first book, The Meaning of Non-meaning, published in 1998, is available today in several countries, translated into different languages. The Look of Meaning, published in 2006, casts doubt on the belief in death as it attempts to accompany the reader in search of the profound meaning of existence. His books, talks, and conferences are available in different languages and formats on his blog, .

Currently he is participating in the Park of Study and Reflection at Punta de Vacas, located in the Andes Mountains near the border between Chile and Argentina, where he is deepening his understanding and transmitting the teachings of Silo’s Message.

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