Fernando Aranguiz

In 1972 Silo urged his friends in Chile to leave the country, as he considered it not unlikely that there would be a military coup like the ones that had lately shattered the peace of many surrounding countries. Nineteen-year-old Fernando Aranguiz was one of many young people who heeded his advice. After a last retreat in Viluco, they left Chile, fanning out to various parts of the world – Europe, Africa, Asia, North America. Fernando went to California, and began to teach the Work that had changed his life.

Today Fernando lives in Portland, Oregon, where he wrote The Master Game, the first volume of the novel In Everything that Exists There Is a Plan. The Master Game is the story of his experience in the early years of Siloism in Chile and Argentina, and his subsequent adventures bringing the Work to the US. The story continues beyond our times, into the beginnings of a worldwide human nation.

Fernando is also a poet and a writer of short stories. He has two grown children and lives in Portland with his wife, where he works as a web developer. He is working on the second volume of this epic novel.