K. Lauren de Boer

K. Lauren de Boer was Executive Editor of EarthLight, a national Journal for Ecological and Spiritual Living for ten years, from 1995 to 2005. His essays have been published in numerous publications and anthologies, most recently in the Sierra Club Books anthology Eco-therapy; Healing with Nature in Mind, the Hireath Press anthology Courting the Wild: Love Affairs with the Land, and in Parabola magazine. Lauren has published interviews with many inspiring, leading edge visionaries and thinkers, ranging from folk singer Pete Seeger and Congressman Dennis Kucinich, to physicist/cosmologist Brian Swimme and mythologist/storyteller Michael Meade.

In 2008, he published his first book of 95 poems, Where It Comes From.

Lauren is also an improvisational pianist and composer and is currently at work on a musical suite for piano and strings inspired by key transformational moments in the evolutionary story.

Lauren is on the faculty of the Institute for Educational Studies / Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, where he facilitates graduate online courses on “Nature, Creativity, and Identity” and “Spirituality, Ecology, and Consciousness.” He has presented workshops on the practice of spiritual ecology at national conferences.

Lauren’s love of birds, animals, hiking, and nature is often reflected in his writings. His vision is of a world where reverence for all life defines the human presence on the planet.

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