How can I write about

this noise that seems unending

as the war between Batman and the Joker

has taken over my room.


What’s there to understand?

The things of the child

will not be put away for many more years.


So I voluntarily offer up

my thermorest for a bouncing mat,

so that Batman can fly, in fact,

everyone is flying around here.


And what may look and sound like war,

is only fascination with gravity

and its limitations. Both of us

are fascinated with magnets.


How the same two pieces of metal

can, at one time, jump towards

one another, and then completely refuse

to touch, in the next moment.


Sometimes I act like that with

the greatest love of my life.

Its more than beyond reason,

its beyond what I thought love was.


So I watch these impulses surge within

and try to not let them manifest

so that no one knows about these

wild internal swings that bounce me

about like Batman on the thermorest.

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