The Prison of Daydreams

(For Dario Ergas)


If you ask me

I will say I’m awake.

This matrix is impenetrable

while I am bouncing through my life.

I am locked inside my desires,

and they are all I see of the world.


Waking from this dream isn’t easy

because we not only need failure

to knock us on our ass,

but we also need to get past

the shame of having failed,

so that we don’t hide it or deny it.


Only in this way

can we break the illusions

which imprison us inside our

desires to fill our lives with the things

that we are told will make us happy.


Our search is turned around

and becomes a mirror, so that

we no longer look out there

to find meaning and happiness,

instead we look at ourselves,

and we see how it is that our actions,

to treat others and ourselves

as sacred, open up our lives.


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