Wanting is Preventing

When Silo spoke of

the inflexible logic within us,

in “The Inner Look”,

I could never quite got it

until this talk on transcendence

appeared on facebook, and I

spent some hours translating

and being with it.


My small synthesis is that

wanting is preventing.


It has to do with the Principles.

Pursuing an end or pursuing

pleasure, both equally

enchain my consciousness,

just like forcing things toward an end.


Here in the US, this pursuit

of happiness has been drummed

into our heads since infancy.


This is how the golden rule fits

into this inflexible logic. In focusing

on treating others as we

ourselves want to be treated

we switch from desire to reflection.


From what can I get to

what can I give to

make this life make sense?

And out of that search for coherence

comes peace and internal unity.


Yet wanting internal unity pushes

me away from it because

as in a mirror, I am moving opposite

to the direction I need, by pursuing it.


We can use the feedback

we receive from our actions

to notice how it effects our bodies,

as a way of knowing if our actions were valid.

This register of these valid actions

produces peace and unity within.


When Silo said, in that talk, that everything

was possession, I could see how that was my

everything. And I could also see how this drive

to possess has me tied up in knots.

Tense from morning to night.


If I continue to act in the world

as me first, what’s in it for me,

I remain locked up inside myself like a prison.

Wanting out of this prison, gets me nowhere,

wanting out leaves me in.




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