Meeting of two cultures, two peoples

I met Milagro Sala, founder and leader of Tupac*, when she was in Buenos Aires, six days before I was to travel to San Salvador in Jujuy. If I had to use just one word to describe her I would say Force, but that doesn’t say enough. She also has solidarity, is generous, hard working, courageous, and intelligent, with a direct manner and a great sense of humor. She is guided by a purpose for her people and she centers her life on that.

On the Monday we met, we interchanged about spiritual issues. We did so in a testimonial manner, chatting about those unusual and significant experiences we both have had, each in our own way; about the recent death of a person very dear to her, about the passing on of my loved ones… about what we have been told since childhood about death. I felt her openness and I was thankful for it; it was a heart-to-heart conversation and we understood each other completely.

She already knew some of our ceremonies through Raul Noro and Silvia Amodeo who carried out a ceremony with quite a number of people in Jujuy´s capital city a few years ago. When the film “Tupac, Something is Changing” was shown in Buenos Aires, I met Raul there. I told him I was thinking about visiting them with my partner and that, if possible, we would like to meet some people from that organization for an interchange between “two” spiritualities. Right away he told me to bring Silo´s Message with me.

During the meeting with Milagro, we agreed on carrying out a ceremony of Wellbeing during the Inti Raymi (Incan New Year celebration). She proposed finalizing the details in Jujuy and invited me to participate in a meeting with the amautas (shamans) to organize the ceremonies.

It turned out that the meeting took place before my arrival and I was unable to participate. During those two days we were full of uncertainty: had they included our ceremony? Only Milagro had the complete picture but, with the great event getting closer and also with an assembly of the Tupac to be carried out on the previous day, it was obviously almost impossible to have a word with her.

Precisely at the end of the first day’s assembly Milagro surprisingly invited us to do a ceremony of Wellbeing. There were 600 delegates and about 200 guests. These people from our America open not only their doors but also their hearts, showing us their strength: the spirituality that permeates and accompanies their social action.

She explained the Well-Being with words that no doubt reached her people because they were also a testimonial. Together with Maria Teresa R. from Jujuy and in front of eight hundred people sitting down and holding hands, we began the ceremony. At the end, glancing around at those in the front rows, I saw tears on all their faces, and afterwards, when we approached them, they sincerely thanked us. I will not go into detail about everything I experienced that day. I will only say that a profound love and gratitude for these people and for Silo arose in me.

The ceremonies that their amautas carried out to say farewell to the old year and, on the next day, to welcome the new one were spectacular. Here I will give my testimonial about the second day.

When the sun began to rise, more magnificent and radiant than I had ever seen it before, we were all immersed in a complete silence, and time seemed to stop, making a sort of “epoje.” What I was seeing looked like a photograph with internal movement. It is hard to explain, but during that indefinable period of time I understood that, at that very instant, the Universal Human Nation was being born, a part of the Work that our Master and Guide had left in our hands to continue. And I comprehended everything, all of that and much more.

When their ceremonies ended and Milagro unexpectedly invited us to do the ceremony of Well-Being there, in that sacred space and for 2,500/3,000 people, I cannot explain why this seemed to me quite normal, as though it could not have happened in any other way. Then, placed very much within myself, I began talking. I was calm, very calm, connected with… I was unable to distinguish any individuality or separation of any kind among all of us there, we were One, a sacred unity, becoming brothers and sisters from the Profound.

Everything that happened was not by chance, it was intentional. It was the result of the sustained work of several friends and, in some cases, a work of many years. Here I want to thank each and every one of them for their contribution to this new moment of the Work and the History that has already began. Thanks Ana Lopez.

Two cultures, two peoples, one same idea and one same heartbeat.

“America, frozen and embraced, deserted and full, high and low, the time for your mission has come. Awaken and rise!

… Today is about liberating the spirit of America”

(From “The Forbidden Talk”, Silo, July 1969)

* Tupac is a social organization of the native peoples of Jujuy.

 Watch Ceremony of Well-Being on Youtube

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