To my son – after saying goodbye

I did not weep today

When you flew away

After bringing

Your young cats

Home to my house

And spending

Three precious days


With me

Not profundities

But little things

Kitty coddling

Endless movies

Cooking and laughing.

After those days ended

And your dear image Vanished behind

The revolving glass

Then, when my bliss

Should have fled,

I refused to let it go.



I kept you with me.

All the way home

I carried you

In my heart

And you are still

Right here,

Alive and real

And sweet as Honeydew.


This I promise

This I swear

And only this

Is true:

The essence

Of you

Is in me

And the essence

Of me

Is in you.


That is why

No matter how

Things appear


Is illusion

And even Death


To fear.

His trickster’s knees

Go wobbly

And he slips

Like a shadow away

In the Light

Of this

Round and Shining Day.

And only now

That I have told you


Only now

Am I weeping.


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